Summer Holidays are nearly here

This Friday our schools break up here in Todmorden  and our thoughts are with all those young people  who are moving on to new situations  after these hols.  The year 6 pupils who will be going to high school,  the one leaving High school for college  and then perhaps onto university.   We pray that they will do well in their new situations and prosper and grow.

We give to all the Year 6 pupils in our church schools and more widely too  a special booklet to help in their move

I attended the end on year performance at Walsden St Peter school last night and I was blown way by an amazing performance of  ‘I’m proud of you son’, a play about the 1st World war that dealt with incredibly difficult issues around they with such care and skill.  My youngest son (now at Uni)  was shocked that I was going to a school play where I had no family in the show,  well  if he had come he would have known why!

That reminded me that teachers also come to a time when they need to move on  and we at Walsden are sad to see John Spooner leave our school.   He wrote and directed last nights play and he is going to missed not just for the major contribution he has made to music and drama at the school but as a dedicated and committed year 6 teacher.  We are also losing another equally  wonderful  teacher too Nichola Dugdale who taught year 5.

Other schools  will also be saying good bye to wonderful staff and be wondering how we will replace them  but there will be new teacher coming in and their gifts and skills will refresh  the lives of all schools,  as will the new years 7 and the new reception pupils coming in.

So to all our pupils,  teachers and teaching assistants(an often overlooked essential part of school life) and all school workers,  have a good holiday and  may God go with you in your time of rest and into the new school year.


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