Happy New Year

A  bit belated I know,  but my Dad  before Christmas and it was a long wait for  for the funeral so  I have been distracted.  He was a Methodist minister and  I  spoke at his funeral and remembered what the Apostle Paul said  about love in his letter to the Corinthians,  he reminded us  that it lasts,  persisting even through death.   The love  we share with people  will never fade and binds  us still to those who have gone before us into the arms of  God

It is is Of course still Christmas  in the church calendar until  the 2nd  of  February – or the feast of Candlemas to use the old name!    St Peter’s is  having a Cafe church  on that day at 10:30,   St Mary’s is  holding its usual  8am and 10:30 am  services.

The churches in the town are marking the week of prayer for Christian Unity this week, when we  celebrate all that binds us together as Christians.

Wishing you all the best  for this new year,  each year is different and we never st growing and learning.  God  go with you as you go on.




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